Access and Login Assistance

Get Access

Access to the Cloud Platform Developer site is restricted to a limited set of customers and partners during the ALPHA and BETA test periods. If you have access, you can follow the workflow on this page. Otherwise, please contact your local Workday representative for an official invitation and terms and conditions.

Please Note - the Developer Site uses two-factor authentication. A third party authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator) is required.

Emerging Partners

Are you an Emerging Partner?
Once you have submitted your team's contact information to and have been approved for the program, you will be sent an invitation link to create your user account for the Developer Site. Refer to your onboarding email for more detail.

Initial Account Setup

STEP 1: Ensure your organization has access to the Cloud Platform Developer Site. Download a third party authenticator app if you do not already have one.

STEP 2: Receive temporary password email in your inbox


STEP 3: Click the provided login URL (, enter your email address and temporary password


STEP 4: Enter temporary password again, and enter your new password twice.


STEP 5: Receive Approval 


STEP 6: Go back to your desktop computer and navigate to, enter your email address and newly created password. You should see a QR code the first time you login with your new password. If you don't see it, refresh your browser or try a different browser.

STEP 7: Use your authenticator app to scan the QR code on the login page.

STEP 8: After you scan the QR code with your authenticator app, you should see a code.

STEP 9: Type in the first code in the first field of the login page and wait to receive a second code from your QR reader. When you receive the second code, enter it into the second field of the login page and hit submit.


You are all done!

Continuous Login to Cloud Platform Site

Every time you login going forward you will need to retrieve a code from your authenticator app and enter it into the Cloud Platform login

STEP 1: Login by entering your email address and password


STEP 2: Open your authenticator app to get a code.

STEP 3: Enter the code in the login page.